WDI Conf 2017


8-10th February 2017

Our amazing panel of speakers

We've scoured the globe for the best of the best. Our guests are sure to inspire, motivate and challenge the way you code!

Front End Experience

An amazing line-up of guests - discussing cutting edge front-end technology. Whether you're new to the industry or have plenty of experience already, our panel has the lowdown on what you need to know.

Front End Experience

Gavin Richards 0900 | Classroom 1

Delores Carter 1100 | Classroom 1

Mary Smith 1400 | Classroom 1

Susie Waterdown 1530 | Classroom 1

Back End Experience

If you're all about the data - you'll love our lineup for the back end. We've brought you some of the best and brightest in the industry to discuss stratgies, pitfalls and best practice.

Back End Experience

George Winters 0900 | Classroom 5

Winston Devcoulter 1100 | Classroom 5

Stewart Wisham 1400 | Classroom 5

Natasha Frack 1530 | Classroom 5

UX Experience

If you're passionate about beautiful, pratical design, then look no further. Our amazing guests are excited to share the hottest trends in UI/UX for 2017. You're sure to leave with a wealth of information ready for you to implement in your next project.

UX Experience

Georgina Splintlay 0900 | Classroom 4

Fred Hammings 1100 | Classroom 4

Gavin Richards 1400 | Classroom 4

Delores Carter 1530 | Classroom 4

So what's this WDI Conf all about anyway?

WDI Conf was formed as a way for junior devs to meet their mentors and keep on top of the most interesting aspects of the web. A great way to gather and socialise, meet new people and make great contacts - WDI Conf has grown up over the years! As more senior developers start taking notice, we've come to be a meeting place for anyone in the industry. We've been lucky enough to snag some amazing guest speakers from around the world and are so excited for this years incredible talent.

So if you haven't booked your ticket yet... get to it! Places fill up fast!

We can't wait to meet you!
-the team at WDI Conf x

Register Here!

We've designed some pretty rockin' tees for the event! If you're registering multiple people, it would great if you knew their size.

We support parents too so we'll be offering childcare for attendees so you can relax and get the most out of your day! If this sounds like you, then please check that box when registering. If you have any questions, please .

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